Javelin Startup-O Victory Fund

The Javelin Startup-O Victory fund, formed as a joint investment vehicle by Javelin Wealth Management Pte. Ltd (a Singapore based, licensed wealth management company) and Startup-O Pte Ltd. (a Singapore based startup discovery and venture building platform), provides an innovative bridge between start-ups and investors.

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Impress.ai helps large enterprises who hire at scale by offering an AI-powered job interview platform that uses chatbots to autonomously conduct candidate interviews.

Category: AI
Country: Singapore



Whizpace leverages TV white space technology to convert underutilised TV spectrum to super wi fi for remote areas. The technology will help enable 3B unconnected people and 50B devices with its wireless communications solution.

Category: IoT
Country: Singapore



Serv.sg helps consumers who need to find home services by offering a one-stop app for all their home-related needs that allows them to discover curated service providers. It helps service provider with a sophisticated SaaS platform to manage their work process flows to improve productivity and business.

Category: SaaS
Country: Singapore



HackerTrail helps MNCs and growth-stage startups who are looking for tech talent by offering a data-driven curated marketplace of tech talent that are engaged and pre-qualified for the job. It is low-touch solution which places candidates in top companies without ever speaking to a candidate.

Category: EnterpriseTech
Country: Singapore



PaidUp is a new mobile phone app that allows small and medium sized businesses to gain more customers and revenue by strengthening the trust they have with their top fans – who can now invest in their favourite stores in return for special discounts and offers.

Category: Fintech
Country: UK, Singapore, Philippines



TempoGo is designed for any company that owns or operates a fleet of over 20 vehicles—either for its own use or as a commercial transportation offering.

Category: IoT
Country: India



MedLabz aims to organise diagnostics in India with primary focus on customer service, quality and affordability. Through us, patients in need can search and book diagnostic tests from reputed diagnostics labs. They can compare various labs based on affordability, location, ratings and accessibility. While onboarding the labs, we keep a considerable focus on lab and report quality.

Category: Health Tech
Country: India


Liquidity Marketplace

Founded by a team of finance and technology professionals, LMX works with leading institutional clients to offer marketplace and white label SaaS solutions for short-term liquidity.

By creating new financial instruments, eliminating intermediaries and broadening connectivity amongst institutional constituents, LMX improves costs, returns and risk dynamics for its Members.

Category: Fintech
Country: Singapore, Canada