Welcome to Startup-O

“Where good startups get discovered FAST

Startup-O is a video first platform that help discover promising startups with a proprietary ‘Algorithm’ and ‘Expert Ranking’ based curation process in South East Asia. This enables startups with a FAST route to funding and resources for their success while it enables investors to make informed choices with reduced participation costs from a diversified pool of startups in a more transparent manner.

We are pleased to invite you to be part of a select group of global experts who are an integral part of this evolving and innovative platform where good startups get discovered fast.

Our exclusive panel of experts are domain specialists and serial entrepreneurs who have built startups and lead companies. They are passionate about innovation and helping startups succeed.

Expert Benefits


Become part of the elite group of industry experts


Strong community connect with key ecosystem players


Get exclusive rigside access to view best of startup plans


Be an expert evaluator and help startups with your insights


Potential mentor & advisory opportunities with best of startups


Preferred investing rights subject to accredited investor conditions


Professional profile amplification through online marketing and offline events


Pay it forward and invest in others success

Role & Scope

  1. View and score the video submission of ‘Elevator Pitches, ‘Business Plans’
  2. Provide constructive feedback via comments on the video submissions or on online interviews
  3. To provide comments for ‘Tech Assess’ and ‘Growth Hack’ digital interviews round (Optional)
  4. Potential mentoring of startups in your area of expertise (Optional)
  5. Potential advisory assignments for the winning startups in your area of expertise (Optional)
  6. Predict and build your virtual victory portfolio of startups (Optional)
  7. Will need 5-10 hours of time per season (over 10 weeks)
  8. Admin support from Startup-O to coordinate the schedules and contest flow
  9. Dashboard login enables review and ranking from any location