Nail That Pitch!

You only get a few minutes to make an impact with your pitch. At Startup-O, we’ve seen hundreds of startups coming onboard. The No. 1 problem was communicating their idea in a 10-minutes pitch. After interviewing our community of experts and researching for 70+ hours, we’ve created this guidebook to help you raise funds with that perfect pitch.


What you can expect from
‘Nail That Pitch’


The Ultimate Pitch Deck Checklist

There are many pitch deck guidelines on the internet. Yet, it’s hard to decide how to organise all the content in your pitch deck. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist of must-include information in this e-book to save you time.


No design skills?
Create beautiful slides anyway.

Stick to three core principles of slide design – Readability, Simplicity, and Obviousness. We provide the utlimate resources for you to create beautiful slides in a short time.


Deliver like
no investors can say no.

The delivery of your pitch makes or breaks it. In this e-book, we give you the techniques to exude confidence, and present like you are in total control (even if you feel like you’re not).


Nail that pitch now! Create and deliver your pitch with ease.

It’s all in the mind.

Develop the right mindset to overcome challenges and accept the process as it is. We provide you with simple steps to cultivate this mental habit.


Resource Checklist.

Spending lots of time scouring through the internet for pitching tips? We’ve done it for you, and compiled a list of videos, pitch deck templates, and best practices all in one place. Focus on nailing your pitch instead.


Get cracking on your pitch. Create and deliver your pitch with ease.

Testimonial by Alop Mehta, CEO of NeedyBee
Well organized, prompt valuable feedback and a good platform to learn for entrepreneurs!
Alop Mehta, CEO of NeedyBee
CEO & Co-Founder NeedyBee
Testimonial by Sudhanshu Ahuja, CEO of
Startup-O has built a highly select network of seasoned entrepreneurs and partners, which has brought us access to prospects, venture-building advice and growth hack expertise.
Sudhanshu Ahuja, CEO of
CEO & Co-Founder

Startup-O is a Singapore based curation platform that helps promising tech startups to connect with Strategic Seed Capital & Global Expert Network for success in a FAST way. Startups now can participate online from any location and expedite their chances to get discovered, get amplified and get funded in under 10 weeks.

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Get cracking on your pitch. Create and deliver your pitch with ease.