35 Highest Ranked Startups on Startup-O Platform

Season 1 – Season 6 (2017 – 18)

Systematic Investment in High Traction Technology Startups

We tracked top 35 highest ranked startups on Startup-O platform from last 6 quarterly assessment cycles for their revenue growth, pivots, funding rounds and acquisitions among other metrics. The results were very encouraging, showing 33 out of 35 companies as growing viable businesses while 3 got -hired, 9 others experienced multiple funding rounds taking the overall portfolio to 2x valuations based on mark-to-market. The Singapore managed fund could invest in 12 of these high ranked ventures. However, a systematic investment across all 35 startups would have yielded 2x growth in the overall portfolio valuation in a short span of 18 months.

Platform Investee Companies


Impress.ai helps large enterprises who hire at scale by offering an AI-powered job interview platform that uses chatbots to autonomously conduct candidate interviews.

Unlike human interviewers, Impress.ai is 10x faster, 70% cheaper and unbiased.

Category: Artificial Intelligence
Country: Singapore
Status: Raised Multiple Rounds



Harnessing the power of TV White Space technology, Whizpace provides low-cost and high-speed internet access to meet the needs of different verticals, including smart energy, remote internet, precision agriculture and security. Whizpace’s patented products have been successfully deployed in 7 countries and are 10 times cheaper than conventional broadband internet solutions in the market.

Category: IoT
Country: Singapore
Status: Raised Multiple Rounds



We help consumers who need to find home services by offering a one-stop app for all their home related needs that allows them to discover curated service providers. On the other hand, our SaaS platform for SME merchants helps them experience higher efficiency and enhanced productivity in their operations.

Category: SaaS
Country: Singapore
Status: Strong Revenue traction



HackerTrail is a cloud-based recruitment solution exclusively for the IT industry. It uses a combination of social recruitment and gamification to connect top talent with the right job opportunity.

The platform uses clever technology to source thousands of candidates and then identify the most relevant candidates for a job using data science, machine learning, and gamification.

Category: EnterpriseTech
Country: Singapore
Status: Strong Revenue Traction



PaidUp is new cashless e-wallet app that enables users to get more from their favourite stores by paying upfront in return for exclusive discounts, freebies and rewards. It also enables customers to order food + drinks on-the-go and save time by no longer having to wait in line. The app has been designed to support small and medium businesses in emerging markets by letting them crowd fund working capital directly from their customers and build a stronger relationship with them through the use of analytics and data.

Category: Fintech
Country: UK, Singapore, Philippines
Status: Struggling, Pivoting



TempoGO is an IoT plus SaaS solution for the transportation industry. Our platform technology connects vehicles, people, and trips in a geo-agnostic manner. It dramatically improves the productivity of a commercial vehicle fleet, both, in passenger and freight segments.

Category: IoT
Country: India
Status: Raised Multiple Rounds



MedLabz helps patients who need evidence-based diagnostics testing by offering an enhanced quality of home testing services that allow them to get reliable reports at affordable prices in comfort of their home/office. We work with some of the leading F&B brands for providing enhanced digital experience and seamless diagnostic management process.

Category: Health Tech
Country: India
Status: Acqui-Hired



At Leverage, we offer loans to start-ups and SME market by understanding their financial needs and by connecting them to right investors and lenders. Since we are processing loans online we can now disburse faster and more efficiently compared to traditional banks and other financial institutions.

We are an online platform with no hidden fees and process  SME loans in 1 day.

Category: FinTech
Country: Philippines
Status: Strong Revenue Traction


Almug Technologies

Almug is a leading analytics software company committed to helping businesses make better decisions that drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. We provide unstructured data management and knowledge automation solutions, enabling businesses to recognize the value inherent in their data focused on fin-tech, legal-tech and media-tech space.

Category: Artificial Intelligence
Country: India
Status: Strong Revenue Traction


Singapore E-Business

EzyProcure to EzyPayment helps both buyers and suppliers to maximise profitability, productivity and cashflow. EzyProcure to payment is the essential E-procurement platform that simplifies the purchasing process for buyers and suppliers. Providing a common secured cloud platform, the software offers upfront to backend control, MIS reporting, corporate governance and more.

Category: SaaS/FinTech
Country: Singapore
Status: Raised Multiple Rounds


Liquidity Marketplace

Founded by a team of finance and technology professionals, LMX works with leading institutional clients to offer marketplace and white label SaaS solutions for short-term liquidity. By creating new financial instruments, eliminating intermediaries and broadening connectivity amongst institutional constituents, LMX improves costs, returns and risk dynamics for its Members.

LMX has created a peer-to-peer marketplace for corporates, banks and non-banking financial institutions looking to source and deploys short-term liquidity – where investment grade institutional members invest and borrow directly without intermediation.

Category: Fintech
Country: Singapore, Canada, UK, USA
Status: Pre-Revenue Traction