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This season 250+ startups applied for Startup-O investment assessment program from across 17 countries and 15 verticals. An estimated one-third of them were selected for the season 11 cohort.

At the end of the program, some top-ranked startups will get access to venture capital and global networks to help build great companies. Few others will be invited for the cross-border venture-scaling support while all others will receive partner resources, community connections, and actionable feedback-based diagnostic reports. We are delighted by the diversity of the participants, in terms of nationalities represented, technology verticals, as well as the age and gender of their founders. Delighted to see 25% of the cohorts of female founders. It is heart-warming to see our ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ platform strongly resonating far and wide globally.

Top 25 listed in alphabetical order


Agranimo creates micro-climate intelligence data products to improve the efficiency of the food supply chain and city ecosystems. Their unique & precise algorithms based on in-field climate and soil data can help reduce water and fertilizer consumption, forecast farm yields, and assess climate risks on cities and food supply chains.

Country: Germany

Category: AgriTech


Aguardio is an elegant Plug&Play IoT solution that helps people live more sustainably by reducing the amount of water they use in the shower. Aguardio’s mission is simple – to reduce water and energy consumption by supporting, improving and developing sustainable behaviour.

Country:   Denmark

Category: CleanTech


AtomBrush is designing & building wall-climbing swarm robots to automate construction tasks like painting, surface preparation, cleaning etc. They solve the core problems in the industry like shortage of skilled workers, low productivity and worker safety.

Country: Singapore

Category: Robotics



FlexiBees provides project-based talent to businesses via qualified women working with flexible schedules. Their model helps businesses hire high-quality talent quickly and cost-effectively and scale up and down as per need. They take on the onus of finding the best match by mapping the client’s requirement to skills needed and offer an end-to-end selection via a multi-touch-point process.

Country:  India

Category: HR Tech

Flying Cape

Flying Cape is an online platform that makes it easy for parents to find and book classes at one trusted place with guaranteed best price. Their SMART system backed by advanced analytics delivers personalised recommendations based on individual learning styles and strengths. At the same time, they have built an online ecosystem where education providers can tap on a centralised booking system to reach out to a wider audience, boosting their productivity and profitability.

Country:  Singapore

Category: EdTech

Food Market Hub

Food Market Hub uses disruptive technology to help F&B operators optimize and monitor food costs, wastage, production and inventory operations. They use AI to improve restaurant procurement and food cost. It helps to consolidate orders to achieve bulk purchase advantages directly from suppliers and allowing for smart automatic reordering.

Country: Malaysia

Category: SaaS


FundPlatform has created its own Crypto processing that allows their customers to fundraise investments without fees. It’s a SaaS platform for asset managers, traders and funds, that helps to spend less time on non-trading operations by providing CRM, trading terminal, portfolio management and processing of payments.

Country:  United Kingdom

Category: FinTech


Intentico is a Cognitive Customer Experience (CX) platform which Helps enterprises automate customer service issues within 60 seconds through its suite of products – AI speech bots, AI chatbots, middleware, bot ticketing & unified dashboard. Intentico’s mission is to create ‘Cognitive eXperience as a Service’ (CXaaS).

Country: India   USA

Category: EnterpriseTech


Jatri is a ‘first-in-class’ mobile-as-a-service platform aiming to be the first journey planning solution for intra-city bus commuters in Bangladesh. The vision to extend this technology across all intra-city public transport modalities with a diverse range of smart solutions like digital tracking, digital ticketing, fleet management, order management, and network planning that enables passengers, operators and regulators to build a more efficient public bus transportation network.

Country:  Bangladesh

Category: SaaS


Josudo is an end-to-end e-learning hub for gaming and esports. It aims to structure the learning journey of gamers through 1-on-1 coaching, video lessons, challenges and tournaments. To localise their solution Josudo has incorporated local payment gateways, sourced local coaches and activated local offline marketing channels. Josudo’s product offering is much more diverse compared to its competitors, thus catering to the needs of gamers across various skill levels.

Country:  Singapore

Category: Edutech


Kibus is a first home appliance device hat cooks healthy pet food automatically, using multi-dose capsules of human-grade dehydrated food. It allows pet parents to feed their pets on a healthy and natural diet in a convenient way, keeping the nutrients and flavours from the fresh ingredients. It has a great taste and it has been proven that feeding pets on a minimally processed diet expands their lifespan by more than 30%.

Country:  Spain

Category: IoT



LivoLearn is an AI-supported complete Aptitude TestPrep platform for economically weaker section students. Their product- Kitbag aims to bring full test preparation and the star teachers nearer to the students who have to travel to big cities for studies. India
Country:  India Category: EdTech


LivoLearn is an AI-supported complete Aptitude TestPrep platform for economically weaker section students. Their product- Kitbag aims to bring full test preparation and the star teachers nearer to the students who have to travel to big cities for studies. India

Country:  India

Category: EdTech


Marax.AI has AI powered SaaS platform- Mars, it drives long term retention of customers via individualised incentives for B2C internet enabled businesses. Mars library presents these incentives in a creative way which enables growth marketers to experiment with various layouts like dynamic multi-step programs, referrals, point-based tiers out of the box etc.

Country: India   USA

Category: AI


MindFi helps APAC companies deliver evidence-based personalised mental wellness to their employees, with award-winning mobile apps, analytics-driven and expert-led training model. MindFi advocates a fresh and practical approach for busy people to learn mindfulness meditation. They are different from their competitors in their AI-personalized approach, mobile apps, content and trainer localization for Asian clients.

Country: Singapore

Category: HealthTech


Morpheus is powering blockchain world-wide by providing businesses with an end-to-end Blockchain-Platform as a Service (BPaaS) solution for innovation and value creation. Its solution powers up blockchain application development, offers ready-to-use development tools and applications in an agnostic environment with leading blockchain technologies to facilitate mass adoption. Their experienced team empowers individuals and enterprises on easy prototyping, deployment, and integration of applications using blockchain technology to solve real-life problems.

Country: Singapore

Category: Blockchain


OneAgrix is B2B e-commerce marketplace for Halal food & raw Agricultural products. Through an end-to-end supply chain, they connect buyers & suppliers in a singular customer journey, creating one ecosystem that serves the world’s Muslims & health-conscious consumers. OneAgrix enables access to new markets and growth opportunities for suppliers and make procurement easy, reduce costs, and offer an increased product range for buyers.

Country: Singapore

Category: B2B Commerce



REOMNIFY is a B2B SaaS platform which empowers real estate and retail users to make better location-based decisions through a simple but powerful map-based tool. At Reomnify, they draw on a vast range of traditional and non-traditional datasets to create the most comprehensive real estate data lake.  They have built unique learning algorithms to extract key drivers and insights to offer you intelligent competitive advantage.

Country: Singapore

Category: SaaS


Skooly has built a curated, AI driven marketplace for learning journeys. They enable schools from anywhere to publish their courses online or offline and parents, students can book or subscribe to them. Skooly has the learning journey data of the child, which will make it more personalised unlike traditional marketplaces.

Country: India

Category: EdTech


Shiplyst is an ocean freight procurement marketplace that provides a single platform for freight comparison, booking and shipment tracking. Using proprietary comparison algorithms, exporters and importers can compare freight from top 50 shipping lines, thus reduce cost, save time for exporters and get greater visibility into their shipments. They understand the local Indian market very well and especially tweaked both the product and the business model to align with the market needs.

Country: India

Category: Marketplace


THEMIS has developed a high technological content operating in the White & Green biotechnologies sector. They have created a brand-new technology for the drastic reduction of organic waste (food waste, sludges, wastewater) and water recycling with unparalleled performances and multiple advantages. Themis WRT innovative and patented technology can reduce the original waste volume by 90-70%, returning 10-30% in the form of a re-usable treated solid product and the remainder in distilled water.

Country: Italy

Category: CleanTech


Upup App is an interactive performance management and HR solution that rewards employees for completing tasks and hitting KPIs. This gives the management team full visibility on productivity, allowing more time to focus on the business. The app combines a goal-setting system following the OKR framework, social communication features, rewards, and recognition, it’s an all in one app to get accurate data on employee experience and prepare specific action plans.

Country:  Vietnam

Category: HR Tech


Wawa aims to revolutionize the family arcade gaming industry through its mobile app-based arcade games app. Wawa utilizes proprietary algorithm to ensure fairness to arcade games players, which does not exist in the traditional arcade industry.

Country:  Indonesia

Category: Consumer Digital


WICASTR has developed Viciniti – The last mile computing ecosystem with a plug and play solution to securely run on-premise industrial applications. It is an infrastructure software designed to easily develop, deploy, orchestrate, secure, and monitor any application on any hardware edge at scale. Viciniti is “Android” for the Edge – strong IP which includes: a device-agnostic OS and one-click application delivery mechanism.

Country:  United Kingdom

Category: IoT


Wisible is the sales intelligence platform that helps B2B organisations increase win rates, shorten sales cycles and improve forecast accuracy. The company’s mission is to turn SME businesses into a repeatable sales machine. Wisible’s AI generates personalised sales analytics along with the recommendation of the next best action so that every business can see and manage sales in real time.

Country:  Thailand

Category: SaaS

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