Startup-O is a global platform with ‘Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs’ approach at the core of its design.

The structured online assessment program helps the venture funds associated with the platform to discover & invest in promising ‘post revenue’ tech startups from any part of the world. The investment decisions are made with the help of a transparent, expert-led & ranking algorithm based curation process along with traditional fund diligence.

Its Platform-Fund approach allows founders to get evaluated by other seasoned entrepreneurs who have walked the walk before them. This enables the most deserving ones with merit-based access to global capital & expert networks.

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Online investment assessment platform that allows promising tech startups to get discovered, amplified and funded from any location … FAST.

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Top ranked startups get funded with pre series A by venture funds.

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Access with zero equity dilution upfront unlike accelerators

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Save thousands of dollars in travel and lodging with online participation

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Season 10 (Sep-Nov) 2019 – OPEN

A global village called STARTUP-O

(2017 – 19)













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SVF II, managed by Frontline Strategy is an early stage fund for startups in ASEAN region including top-ranked companies from Startup-O platform.


Dedicated MAS licenced venture fund based In Singapore that invests in top ranked companies from Startup-O ‘Fasttrack’ assessment program.


A unique partnership between 26 major corporations and the Japanese government to establish the first  IP related investment fund.

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Structured Funding Decisions

Startup-O platform has built a highly select network of seasoned entrepreneurs and global partners, which has brought us access to seed capital, venture-building support and invaluable growth-hack expertise.

Sudhanshu Ahuja, CEO of

Convenient Participation

As a founder I am always strapped for time and was highly impressed with high degree of interaction and quality of feedback throughout the multi-stage design of this convenient online assessment program.

William Temple, Co-founder of Ampotech

Global Expert Connect

I would highly recommend Startup-O assessment program as it saved us time, money and energy chasing multiple investors. We experienced rapid growth in our business, thanks to insights & guidance by global experts.

Bruce Moulin, CEO of Got It, Vietnam

Actionable Diagnostic Report

The Startup-O process has been immensely valuable to Shutta. We changed our execution model and became profitable within months based on evaluation insights. So thank you once again Startup-O.

Barbara Ximenez, CEO of Shutta


Our panel of judges include well respected senior industry leaders, serial entrepreneurs, venture professionals with a history of helping scale multiple companies across geographies. Their seasoned insights help us discover the most promising tech startups.


Our hand picked panel of evaluators are seasoned entrepreneurs and domain specialists who have built and led various companies. While they are passionate about innovation and enabling authentic  founders, they are known for their insghtful assessments.

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It takes a village to raise a child

We have created a global one at Startup-O to enable deserving founders

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